Brand new innovative Kaabah Azaan prayer clock MP3 Player Function, Prayer Timetable and Adhaan reminder Size: 20 x 17 x 17cm Bring the atmosphere of Holy Kaaba to your House Comes with original Ayats on Black Kiswa (cloth) and Golden Door, Hajra-Al Aswad (Black stone) and Rain Gutter. (Meezaab) Exclusive Features. Delta function,allows you to adjust the actual praying time + (-)90 minutes After Azan Prayer Duaa, Features: Engineered and designed in Germany. 2200 citie's azan & world time. Big Display with easy to read features. 11 different azaan types -Turkish,Makkah,Madinah,Eghypt/Misr, -Al-Aqsa,Indonesia and Morocco Simultaneous display of the Gregorian calendar and Hijri- All praying times on screen,Qibla Direction and Compass Included Daily and Auto Alarm ,Temperature C/F ,Full Screen Lighting. Change Summer/Winter time with one button (DST) Snooze and Volume control switch Optional DC Power Connector to use without Battery. Battery operated 4 x AA size (not included) Listen To Selected Important Suras From Qur'an with MP3-Player Function. Al-Fatiha, Duroodl, Al Asr, Yasin, Al-Mulk, Al-Naba, Al-Kadr, Al-Ihlas, Al-Falaq, Al-Nas PERFECT GIFT!